Every year thousands of over-65 California residents move into senior communities that provide an excellent quality of living. Residents are typically safer, more socially engaged, and more active than they would be if living alone. Arbor Palms is a senior community that has enhanced residents’ lives further by offering the Eversound listening system. Staff and residents can use Bluetooth headphones that improve interpersonal communications, strengthen group activities, and make it possible to hear clearly in noisy settings.    

Communication Determines Social Interaction 

The Eversound system allows those with hearing loss to hear and be heard. That’s crucial for overall health and well-being.

One of the benefits of assisted living is the opportunity for residents to socialize. They can participate in group activities, meet new friends, and enjoy entertainment. However, diminished hearing may still leave seniors feeling isolated despite being surrounded by people. 

The problem can have a devastating impact on seniors’ well-being. According to CDC studies, “Social isolation was associated with about a 50% increased risk of dementia. Poor social relationships (characterized by social isolation or loneliness) were associated with a 29% increased risk of heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke.”   

Hearing issues are surprisingly common. One in three adults aged 65-74 has some hearing loss. At 75, the number increases to 50%. Hearing loss can go undiagnosed and cause older adults frustration. Many are misdiagnosed as confused, unresponsive, or uncooperative. The Eversound listening system can give them a new lease on life by allowing them to hear and communicate. 

The technology also offers benefits to those with memory loss. Personal headphones make it easier for them to concentrate, communicate, and engage with others.  

The Technology Benefits Everyone 

Most seniors living in an assisted living community in Anaheim, CA have some hearing loss but not all use hearing aids. Per McNights, approximately 30% of people 70 and over who need hearing aids will use them. However, Eversound headphones can help them hear well.

Eversound technology also benefits residents who use hearing aids and those without hearing challenges. The headphones are personal devices that improve hearing for everyone in all settings. For example, the entire audience can hear the speakers at a gathering or meeting, no matter where they are in the room. 

Improved Hearing Encourages Socialization 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, senior living communities faced a critical challenge. How to provide the one-on-one interaction that seniors need but still practice safe social distancing? Arbor Palms used the Eversound listening system to provide the communication and socialization seniors need to thrive. Caregivers were able to reach out to individuals without compromising anyone’s health. 

Since then, the community has continued to use the listening system to enhance senior community life. Residents and staff connect socially, preventing isolation. Eversound headphones are still an excellent tool that allows staff to communicate safely in personal and group settings.  

Headphones Are Senior Friendly 

The Eversound listening system was designed for seniors, so it is user-friendly. Users press a prominent button to turn headphones on or off. 

Every headphone includes a mic, volume control, adjustable headband, and ear cups designed to be used with hearing aids. Residents can use the headphones for personal or group conversations. They can also plug them into devices like their phone, tablet, or TV, for enhanced listening.  

Arbor Palms Is Responsible for the Technology 

Arbor Palms provides the Eversound system as a resident perk. Seniors have no responsibility for the equipment- they can use and enjoy it, courtesy of the community. 

It’s an attractive amenity for older adults who use a hearing aid. Instead of trying to keep up with changing technology and upgrading their devices, they can enjoy enhanced hearing at no cost.  

Wireless Headphones Adapt to Many Needs

The wireless Bluetooth headphones can be adapted for a range of needs. The staff uses them to more easily communicate with residents during activities. The system is ideal for group events, including small gatherings and large meetings. Headphones allow everyone to hear and participate in clubs, council meetings, devotional sessions, and group discussions.  

It is easier for visitors to communicate with residents using headphones. The system works well with video calls, too.

The Eversound Bluetooth system includes noise-canceling and access to FM, so it can easily enhance seniors’ entertainment. Headphones also make it easy to communicate with everyone during tours. 

Hearing loss is common among California’s older adults, many of whom live in assisted living communities. Arbor Palms is a community offering the Eversound listening system, which enhances hearing via Bluetooth headphones. It’s a tool that improves communications between staff and residents. The headphones also allow residents to communicate easily with family members when they visit. 

Arbor Palms is an assisted living and memory care community in Anaheim, CA. The compassionate staff is committed to helping residents age gracefully while enjoying the best possible quality of life. Residents have access to the innovative Eversound listening system, which allows staff, residents, and visitors to hear and communicate clearly.