California residents looking for assisted living communities should make sure the one chosen is a good fit. Look for the needed amenities and for the availability of therapy as needed. Remember, there are different types of therapy, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more to help seniors adjust to the changes that aging brings. Move to the place that helps aging become a positive part of life.

What Are The Signs That It May Be Time to Move to An Assisted Care Community?

As a person ages changes happen in their body and perhaps in their mind. Mobility challenges may make it hard to mow the yard or clean the house. Two-story homes may present challenges that are impossible to overcome. Getting out and about to shop, eat out, or meet friends may become an issue as driving becomes problematic. Because of these factors, a person or couple may feel isolated.

It may be difficult to get social, medical, mental, physical, and emotional needs met while living in the family home. Family members may be concerned for a person’s safety and well-being but have a limited amount of time available to help them out. There may have been recent emergencies with health or the home that point out the need for a change. Moving to a community that offers assisted living with memory care and more senior living services might be the best solution.

What Benefits Do Senior Living Communities Have To Offer?

Moving to an assisted living community has many benefits that appeal to seniors and their loved ones. Some of these benefits include:

  • Safety and security for residents. These communities have security measures in place to keep all their residents safe. And they usually have methods in place for seniors to get help if they fall or have other emergencies in their assisted living homes such as bracelets or panic buttons. This gives both the seniors and their families peace of mind.
  • Assisted living with memory care communities make life easier and have programs to help senior residents live a fuller, more meaningful life while enjoying as much independence as possible.
  • Assisted living communities have all the needed services on site or supply transportation to them.
  • Assisted living communities eliminate the need for doing yard maintenance and home repairs, leaving more time for senior residents to enjoy life and get the care and therapy they need.
  • These senior communities are a great way to solve the isolation problem so many seniors face in their long-term homes. There are lots of social activities and groups to choose from, and making new friends is an added advantage.
  • The services received in an assisted living community can slow the decline in lifestyle many seniors fear. The caregiver, dietary workers, and housekeeping staff make life easier and also will recognize changes in cognition or physical abilities so they can be addressed.
  • The tedium of paying bills, reading meters, and addressing problems like leaky faucets, electrical malfunctions, heating equipment failures, and so on are all taken care of for the residents. One monthly fee covers almost everything.

Why Is Therapy Important in Assisted Living Communities?

As our bodies age, things change, and not always for the better. Chronic diseases, old injuries, and medical conditions can affect mobility, the level of pain, and cognition.

Different types of therapy can help control these problems and make life better. Some types of therapy to look for in an assisted living community include the following.

  • Physical therapy will help with mobility, balance, and arm and leg strength. Prescribed exercises led by the staff are a definite advantage.
  • Occupational therapy involves hygiene tasks, fine motor movements, and mobility problems. Therapists may provide adaptive equipment to help seniors.
  • Speech therapy is focused on speech and on language and mouth-related problems such as talking clearly, chewing food, or swallowing food.
  • Respiratory therapy is designed to help seniors with breathing problems.

The assisted living staff will work with the resident’s medical team to get prescriptions for the needed therapy. In addition, the therapy will be revised as needed to meet evolving conditions.

About Arbor Palms Assisted Living

The Assisted Living services at Arbor Palms of Anaheim helps residents stay active, healthy, and happy in a safe, pleasant setting. We are focused on providing a home and care that puts residents first. This luxury senior community is an innovative leader in the senior living segment. We offer occupational and physical therapy groups, and your doctor can prescribe therapy any time you have a change in living environment.