It’s hard to see loved ones getting older and less able to care for themselves. While the goal is to help seniors live in their own homes as long as possible, there does come a time when this is not possible without extra help. Family members should keep an eye on elderly loved ones throughout the holiday season. If they do notice any of the below signs of aging, it might be time to look into help so their loved one stays safe. 

Significant Changes in Weight

When someone has trouble with daily tasks around their home, it can show up in their weight. Seniors may end up gaining a significant amount of weight because they’re opting for unhealthy foods that are easier to eat or lose a significant amount of weight because they’re not eating enough. This may be easy to see when visiting for the holidays. Though weight gains and losses can be signs of other medical issues, this can be one sign it’s a good idea to look into assisted living in anaheim.

Issues With Mobility

Seniors may start to have trouble getting around their homes as they age. Family members can help by purchasing and installing or setting up mobility aids in the home. There are a variety of aids available to help seniors move around the home easier and to help prevent falls or other concerns. Assisted living communities often use mobility aids to help the seniors they work with stay safe. 

Difficulty Keeping the Home Clean

Family members may notice food that has spoiled and not been thrown away, trash piling up because it hasn’t been emptied recently, dirty laundry piling up because it’s not getting cleaned, or other signs that it’s getting harder for the senior to keep their home clean. By taking advantage of assisted living in Anaheim, the seniors can get help with getting things done around the house to make sure it stays clean and is better for their health. 

Forgetting Important Things

A big sign that something may be wrong is forgetting important things. This doesn’t just mean forgetting appointments, though that can be a concern if the senior has not done that in the past. It’s more along the lines of forgetting the names of family members or close friends, forgetting favorite places they go to often, or forgetting how to get home if they go out. Assisted Living can help with memory issues and keep the loved one safer by making sure they don’t get lost or forget important appointments. 

Misspending Money

There are a number of common scams that target the elderly and seniors can easily end up losing a significant amount of money to them. There can also be issues with shopping and spending too much money when out or spending money to buy things they already have, like fresh groceries. Talking to loved ones during the holidays and keeping in touch with them regularly can help prevent this from happening. 

Not Handling Daily Tasks

Seniors may end up forgetting about some of the daily tasks they need to handle. This can include things like checking the mail or paying the bills when they’re due. When seniors do start to have trouble handling these types of daily tasks, it may be time to look into the assisted living community and the amount of help that’s available. This way, they don’t end up missing important letters or having their power shut off because they forgot about the bill.

As loved ones age, more attention needs to be paid to them to make sure they aren’t starting to have trouble with things that were once very easy for them. Some of the signs mentioned here can be very serious and a cause for concern, while others are just signs that the senior may need a little bit of extra help in their daily life. If you notice any of these signs in a loved one over the holidays, take the time to learn more about the assisted living community and all of the help that’s available for them. 


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