Even in their later years, the elderly still have a lot to offer the world and their family. Unfortunately, as their age advances and they start to lose some of their motor skills or cognitive abilities, it becomes harder for them to remain independent. Assisted homes are one option that can help aging adults live out their golden years without having to sacrifice their independence.

There are various ways of supporting our loved ones in assisted homes. By demonstrating the following tips, individuals positively impact the health and well-being of older people. Sharing these tips aims to help families and caregivers improve the seniors’ quality of life.

Caregiver support

When it comes to supporting elderly loved ones in assisted living, caregiver support is a critical aspect. A trained caregiver can help seniors by providing medical treatments, including administering medications, identifying and taking steps to prevent health complications, and monitoring signs of pain and illness. They can also offer emotional support, which helps seniors deal with the physical and mental challenges of aging.

Active living program

The Active Living Program is a more holistic approach to the health and well-being of the elderly, focusing on activities that make them happy. These programs may focus on exercise and walking capacity, nutrition, sleep, memory and cognition, socialization, and mental fitness. They may also involve peers talking about their own aging experiences and other topics of interest to older adults, such as spirituality and transitions into new roles in life.

The focus on active living programs centers on five key areas:

  • Empowerment through informed participation.
  • Value placed on aging independently in one’s own home.
  • Having supportive communities.
  • Creating opportunities for choice.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Helping to solve problems

To effectively support elderly loved ones in assisted residences, families need to be aware of their strengths and limits. This includes being able to separate the reality of the situation from what they wish were true. Families must also maintain a balance between concentrating on their loved one’s needs and caring for themselves. As people age, memory loss becomes an inevitable process. Memory care services are specialized for seniors with memory loss due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease

Strengthening the bond

Elderly loved ones living in a community for seniors are often alone, isolated, and ill-equipped to care for themselves. As a result, they become socially withdrawn and experience depression and anxiety when faced with the stress of knowing they cannot take care of themselves any longer. When families turn to programs such as the bonding program in senior communities, they can help their elderly loved ones build better relationships with others, improving their quality of life.

Most people tend to ignore their elderly loved ones, as they are busy with their activities. Regular family visits to senior homes can boost morale and strengthen the bond.

Attending meetings with the caregivers

Caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend meetings with staff members in senior communities to understand their loved one’s health needs and preferences. These meetings aim to share the resident’s medical history, current medical conditions, abilities and preferences, long-term care and environmental comfort needs, and any other issues affecting their quality of life. Family members will be given access to information from daily checklists completed by the staff member responsible for their loved one’s care.

Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Residing in an assisted living community in Anaheim, CA, offers many exciting activities and amenities that will encourage loved ones to stay engaged. From exercise classes to engaging conversations with other residents to enjoying nature during outdoor walks, these communities provide opportunities for seniors to remain socially and physically active.

The supportive services, such as medical care and transportation provided by senior residences, can assure caregivers that their loved ones are safe and secure. Additionally, by offering companionship and emotional support, family members can ensure that their elderly family member’s quality of life is improved physically and mentally. 

Elderly loved ones often turn to assisted residences in their golden years, and many know little about this option. Assisted homes provide supervision, security, and care that help elderly loved ones maintain a safe, independent lifestyle while allowing them to enjoy the company of others and avoid a sense of isolation.

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