Disabled individuals and senior citizens sometimes need help and care to complete activities of daily living, and once 24-hour care is needed, families often feel the strain. While home care is an excellent choice for those with some degree of independence, it doesn’t provide the same benefits found in assisted living communities.

Constant Care and Attention

Seniors with disabilities often need constant care and help with daily tasks. The nature of a person’s disability defines the services they receive each day and helps families choose the best senior living options.

Dementia and other disorders may prevent a person from taking medications that help improve cognition. In a memory care community, seniors won’t have to worry about missing important medications or following care plans as they’ll have assistance to do so.

Healthy, Delicious Meals

In an assisted living community, nutritionists and dietitians prepare meals for residents based on their dietary restrictions and nutritional needs. The dietary and culinary teams work together to create delicious, healthy meals every day; residents with disabilities will receive the assistance they need to enjoy dining opportunities.


Assisted living communities offer great amenities, including transportation. With some planning, residents can book rides to doctor’s appointments, shopping centers, and family visits. These transportation services are enormously helpful to disabled seniors who can no longer drive. In assisted living in Anaheim, CA, every driver is background checked and screened for safety.

Social Opportunities

Socialization is crucial for disabled seniors who can’t leave home very often. In an assisted living community, residents can avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation by enjoying various activities. When staying in a quality community, seniors can socialize and make friends as it fits into their schedule.


Many disabled seniors are reluctant to move into communities because they’re afraid of losing their autonomy. Privacy is a priority in senior communities, and residences allow seniors to live privately if they choose to do so.

Caregivers know just how important it is for residents to maintain their dignity, so they do everything possible to help them live private yet fulfilling lives. Residents can also receive memory care services in a community setting, or they can ask for in-house visits.


Communities host monthly gatherings and events for residents that are fun for everyone! The residents get a chance to learn about one another and mingle in a friendly, no-pressure environment.

When residents have chances to make friends and try new things, they feel like part of the family. If one would like to learn more about workshops, games, and events, schedule a tour of a home for seniors today.

Help With Daily Tasks

Activities of daily living, which are sometimes referred to as ADLs, seem easy, but they can be challenging for seniors with disabilities. Caregivers can help residents bathe, groom themselves, get dressed, and get around the community. With appropriate help, residents can take advantage of all the amenities a community has to offer.

In the community, residents have access to the equipment needed to complete ADLs, such as walk-in showers, railings, and shower chairs. Communities know it’s not feasible for every family to provide the in-home care their senior members need, and that’s why they strive to make assisted living affordable for all.

Access to Emergency and Medical Services

Top senior communities include a team of healthcare professionals who provide 24-hour care to disabled residents. When emergencies arise, these caregivers offer all the medical services needed to address residents’ health and well-being.

After a surgery, a senior may endure a disability that increases their care needs. Rather than staying home, many disabled seniors go into respite care so they get all the help they need. Respite care involves a short stay in a community, and many short-term residents like the amenities so much that they decide to live in the community permanently!

A Wonderful Place for Seniors With Disabilities

At Arbor Palms of Anaheim, we have a courteous and friendly team of professionals who stand ready to help seniors with disabilities. Our local community provides the security and safety residents and families need, and our many amenities help seniors accomplish everyday tasks while enjoying an improved quality of life.

We believe that every senior—regardless of their abilities—should live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. Our team members are always here to answer families’ questions and address their concerns. We invite you to come for a visit. Call or click now to schedule a no-obligation tour of our community!